Fatal Embrace signs to Black Lion Records

Fatal Embrace

Press release from Black Lion Records:

We are pleased to welcome the Swedish Blackened Death Metal group Fatal Embrace – Swedish Blackened Death Metal into Black Lion. Having just been awakened from its long slumber since its formation in 1992, Fatal Embrace belongs to the 90s Swedish melodic death scene together with Ablaze My Sorrow, Eucharist, A Canorous Quintet, as well as pioners like At The Gates, In Flames. The band is currently finishing up their new album slated for release sometime in late 2022.

Black Lion CEO Oliver Dahlbäck Comments
First of all, I want to say thanks to Henric Liljesand of Night Crowned, for recommending and introducing us. It’s Becoming quite amusing that we are slowly bringing back the glory days of the 90s era of Swedish Melodic Death Metal, with important bands like Ablaze My Sorrow, This Ending (A Canorous Quintet,) Already onboard the revival train Fatal Embrace fits right in there and has their place, and we are super excited to begin a new journey together,

FATAL EMBRACE Manne : Comments
The decision to start making music together again as Fatal Embrace after being apart for over 20 years was one we didn’t take lightly. Therefore, when the time came for us to start looking for a label to support us going forward, Black Lion Records was the option that just felt right. They come highly recommended from their own roster and they have exactly what we’re looking for in a label. Great people to work with, good PR and a solid global distribution that will support us as we embark on this new chapter of Fatal Embrace.