Album cover and track list for upcoming album revealed

Fatal Embrace is now revealing its first new offering since 1997

New album Manifestum Infernalis Out February 24th

It’s been a long time coming. 30 years have passed since we formed Fatal Embrace back in 1992. It took us 30 years to make the album we always wanted to make. Everything on this album is done by ourselves. Everything.

The process of making this album has taken almost 5 years of our lives and a lot has happened during this time. The world seemed to grow darker and darker around us as a pandemic descended upon world. All this made for an inspiring time to write and record music.

This is by far the darkest creation ever from Fatal Embrace and the darker the album became, the more it felt like therapy. A creative channel for when everything in the world takes a turn for the worse and keeps going south.


1. Empyreal Doom

2. The Black Oath

3. Wolves Of Golgotha

4. Prometheus’ Sermon

5 Call Of The dark

6. Eyes of Oak

7. Sign Of The Pentagram

8 Deus Mali

9. The Rot

Recorded, mixed, produced and mastered in Studiomega by Christian Silver and Fatal Embrace

Album artwork by Moon Sang @ Vhan Artworks

Fatal Embrace logo and emblem by Alejandro @ Imperfekt Design